From how professionals and amateurs train and take lessons, to the development and fitting of golf equipment, to the way a game is watched and enjoyed on television.

Being it for gaming or performance purposes, any player has the possibility to unleash his or her full potential further through our technology.


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What’s included in a Trackman session:

60 minutes

The sessions last for 1 hour, but with the natural tolerance that a few more minutes make all the difference to get to the right point.

Trackman 3e

The use of Trackman 3e is supported by a PC and a Tablet, from which it is possible to collect and analyze all the shots performed during the session.

My Trackman Account

A user account will be created so that the data collected during the session can be consulted online. This account can be used while historical and independent of the Trackman device.

Report (with video)

During the session Trackman will record a few videos, with synchronized front and back image view, available online for consult.

Cost Summary

Each session has a cost of 90 € (VAT included).