Trackman Metrics

Know what the various metrics that can be analyzed in a Trackman mean in short explanations given by Bruno Veiga of Trackman

Trackman Overview

Learn about Trackman technology, which the world’s leading coaches and players use and share their data with all Trackman users.

Trackman Metrics

Each shot is measured in 26 metrics, but we may select which metrics to work in the Trackman interface.

Club Speed

The speed of the club is normally measured in miles, before contact with the ball.

Attack Angle

The Trackman technology, collects data related to club movement, being able, for example, to know the attack angle.

Face to Path

See in 3D simulation, how the ball flight evolves depending on the “face to path” at the moment of contact.

Dynamic Loft

The vertical angle of the club face at the central point of contact between the iron and the ball at the moment of maximum compression.

Spin Loft

Represents the difference between Attack Angle and Dynamic loft. This metric is determinant to gauge the Spin Rate.

Ball Speed

After the club contact with the ball, the Trackman continues to measure the ball flight and one of the values that is evaluated is the ball speed.

Smash Factor

This metric measures the ratio of the velocity of the ball to the velocity of the club before the stroke. And it helps to understand if the ball was “well beaten”.

Launch Angle

Launch angle will always be a little less than dynamic loft but will have a similar value. Along with ball speed, the launch angle is a primary component to determining the height and distance of a shot.


Spin Rate

Measures the number of ball revolutions per minute during the flight. Which varies according to the iron being used.

Spin Axis

During the ball flight, it wheels on an axis which implies in the direction of the ball flight.


This value tells us which is the highest point in the ball flight. Knowing that each iron has a different behavior, should register different values depending on the club used.


Depending on the predefined target, we can measure the deviation in meters against the target and whether it happens left or right.


This value is calculated by Trackman, estimating the value for a flat point, so as not to change the accuracy of the calculation.

Ball Flight Basics

What determines the trajectory of a shot? and what is the relative weight of each of the variables.

Maximizing Distance

The distance is influenced by a set of indicators related to the blow and by others of context such as the wind.

How to Use Software

The use of Trackman is very simple and its installation is so simple that only a couple of minutes are enough to start training.


After the explanations of Bruno Veiga the participants in this event experienced the advantages in the driving range in a relaxed and good mood.